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EIS Summit IX The Ninth Annual World Summit on Infrastructure Security

June 25-26, 2018 Westminster Palace

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Monday, June 25, 2018
09:00 Welcome & Strategic Overview
09:10 Session One: Challenges and Best Practices for Specific, Malicious Black Sky Hazards: The EMP, Cyber, and Asymetric Physical Threats
09:20 Morning Keynote Address: Critcial Infrastructure in the Crosshairs: The need for international, multi-sector coordinated planning
09:40 Brief Interview: EMP News and Special Announcements
09:55 Panel 1: The EMP Threat: Geostrategic threat scenarios, infrastructure impact and resilience strategies in today’s interconnected world
11:00 Break and Transition to Alternate Venue
11:30 Brief Interview: Cyber News and Special Announcements
11:45 Panel 2: The Cyber Threat: Geostrategic threat scenarios, infrastructure impact and resilience strategies
12:40 Lunch
01:40 Brief Interview: Terrorism and the Evolving Asymetric Physical Threat
01:55 Panel 3: Terrorism, and the Asymmetric Physical Threat: Geostrategic scenarios and resilience strategies
02:50 Session Two: Unique, Hazard-Independent Strategies for Black Sky vs Conventional Threats: Challenges, Communication, and Coordination Capabilities Needed to Address Them
03:00 Black Sky Resilience: Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities
03:15 Coordination Planning and (Real Time) implementation Frameworks: The EPRO Handbook III Template
03:40 Coffee Break
04:00 The Private Sector: The Role for Emergency Communications and Coordination Capabilities in a Black Sky Event
04:20 Multi-Sector Emergency Communication in Black Sky events: The BSX Approach
04:30 Multi-Sector Situational Awareness and Decision Support for Complex Catastrophes: The GINOM Strategy
05:05 Discussion: Resilience, Communication and Coordination Challenges for Malicious Threats: Challenges in Scaling Up to the Black Sky Scenario
05:15 45 Session Two Questions and Discussion: Black Sky Hazard-Independent Challenges and Opportunities
05:30 IS Summit IX Day One Plenary Session: Concluding Remarks
06:00 The Day Two Read Ahead: Concepts and Opportunities
06:10 Summit Day 1 Concludes
Tuesday, June 26, 2018
08:00 Registration
08:30 Introduction to the EPRO SECTOR Executive Committee, Summer 2018
08:40 MORNING PLENARY SESSION – Enabling Investment for the Sector’s Black Start Mission: Progress and Gaps
09:45 Track 1 – Cyber and Physical Security: Protecting the Grid and Other Critical Infrastructures
09:45 Track 2 – Balancing Utilities Operations Efficiency and Resilience Posture
09:45 Track 3 – Public and Private Sector Collaboration: Building Partnerships for Resilience
11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Track Review
12:00 Lunch
01:00 The EPRO SECTOR Update for the Executive Committee
01:30 AFTERNOON PLENARY SESSION: Black Sky Missions and Requirements: Gaps and Approaches
02:45 Track 4 – Government and NGO Roles in Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Filling the Gaps That Challenge Utilities
02:45 Track 5 – Cross-Sector Coordinated Planning: Roles of Utility Sectors in Planning for Support to Partner Sectors
02:45 Track 6 – Advanced Electric Power System Restoration Requirements
03:50 Coffee Break
04:05 TRACK REVIEW: SESSION THREE CLOSING PLENARY – Building Cohesion and Collaboration
04:45 EPRO SECTOR Executive Committee: Review and Recommended Actions
04:55 EISS IX Conclusions
05:05 EIS Summit IX Closes