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EarthEx 2018
August 22, 2018
The second annual Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise 


August 22, 2018

In 2018 EARTH Ex will focus on four primary areas.

  • Executive and senior operational decision-making
  • Initiating and coordinating initial sector response and restoration actions
  • Multi-sector emergency communication and cross-sector coordination
  • Developing sector recommendations for improved restoration support and resilience


Decision Making for Disrupted Scenarios: EARTH EX simulates a subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures. The exercise format offers executive and senior level operational decision makers the opportunity to review critical decision-making policies, processes, roles and responsibilities – essential to the success of all other response and recovery operations.

Develop or Review Resilience Policies and Plans in a “Come as you are” Exercise: Participation is voluntary and open to all organizations that need to be prepared for long duration power outages. The exercise is designed for self-evaluation, with distributed play conducted using electronic tools, and local facilitation for feedback and execution.

Prioritization and Coordination across Multiple Sectors:EARTH EX is constructed as a multi-sector scenario. Participants receive situational awareness updates from each of the critical sectors, providing a broad immersive environment simulating real world impacts of the scenario.

Different injects provided for 20 sectors, supporting three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Initial impact and response
  • Phase 2 – Cascading, multi-sector impact and response: Utilizes critical sector and cross-sector situational awareness and coordination
  • Phase 3 – The Path Ahead:  Facilitated dynamic analysis and feedback.


Participating Organizations and Sectors:  All
Organizations will select the closest sector definition from 20 different inject lanes.  Sectors will be grouped in six ‘hub” categories:

  • Utilities (e.g., electric, water, ONG, communications)
  • Government (e.g., Federal, State, local, defense, law enforcement, finance, regulatory, emergency management, first responders)
  • Mass Care (e.g., NGOs, in-country and international)
  • Health (e.g., Public and private health services, hospitals, specialized facilities)
  • Cyber and Situational Awareness (e.g., cyber response, forensics)
  • Private Sector (e.g., Transportation, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, food, pharmaceuticals).


Participating Families and Individuals:  All are welcome, to participate as individuals, families or community groups.  Evaluate personal, family or community preparedness and train for severe outage scenarios

Logistics: Dynamic, multi-phase 4-Hour exercise, delivered world-wide via internet in working hours of all time zones   
EARTH EX 2018 includes two 90 minute, replayable dynamic exercise phases representing different aspects of the response and recovery timeline, and one reflective phase. Each phase begins with a video-based framing scenario inject, using sector-specific injects for each exercise “lane,” developed by key stakeholders in that sector.