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The Fifth Annual
Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise®
EARTH EX 21 Winter 2021 Update
EARTH EX will be available for play from 1 September through 31 October.

In the interim, EIS Council is offering several resilience-related opportunities in 2021. Our events are presented free of charge to participants. We are hosting international speakers on our webinars as part of our lead up the EARTH EX. Subjects include:

  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Energy Resilience
  • Water Infrastructure Resilience
  • Emergency Communications Resilience

All webinars are also recorded and available after the presentation day on the EIS Council video

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EIS Council released the EPRO Handbook IV: EMP: Best practices and cost-effective EMP protection options for electric utilities. The handbook provides an essential compendium of best practices and cost-effective strategic options and approaches for EMP protection of critical elements of bulk power systems. Available on Amazon

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We are also happy to announce we will be opening up a pair of self-facilitated single-phase online exercises soon. These are part of the Black Sky Exercise Series.

The first is the Black Sky EMP Exercise which takes participants through the simulated impacts of an EMP attack by undetermined parties on both sides of the US.

The second exercise, Black Sky Cyber Exercise, is a worldwide, distributed cyber-attack on many systems and sectors. Participants can game out their plans and make adjustments as new information is made available to them through interactive media in the exercise. We welcomed participants from over 40 countries to play EARTH EX 20. These efforts will culminate in EARTH EX 21, which opens for play worldwide on 1 September and remains open through 31 October 2021. Our exercise is web-based, self-paced, and available to start and finish any time participants need.

This year's exercise is climate change-based and involves two climate-related disasters that participants have to figure out how to deal with the scenario updated interactive media. EARTH EX is perfect for play during Covid 19 as players found in 2020. Players can participate from remote locations using various video conference platforms and the EARTH EX platform, the Battle Rhythm Manager. Please join us in the annual exercise that many thousands of participants have played!

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Supplemental Resilience Webinars

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An interactive all-sector whole-of-world exercise

Venue: Earth

Invited Participants:
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Time: Compatible with All Time zones


A locally facilitated, “Come as you are” exercise.

For organizations, as an out-of-the-box senior level exercise, it provides an opportunity to examine and rehearse critical executive and operational decisions required before a full operational exercise.

For individuals, families and community groups, it will help with basic preparations, and with planning that can help secure and sustain participants during an extreme disaster.