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Joey Schnurr

Joey Schnurr Technical Director for Infrastructure Simulation

Joey Schnurr leads EIS Council’s initiative to develop large-scale software models of the multi-sector, interdependent, critical infrastructure network for disaster training, planning and decision support. His background includes a range of computer modeling and simulation projects for hands-on training and research applications.

Following an academic career in physics and roles in integrated circuit development at Intel and other companies, Joey transitioned to a career in computational simulation, developing military training simulations for JFCOM and human machine interfaces in coordination with Microsoft and the University of Pennsylvania’s Computer Graphics and Gaming Department. He continued at Yale University, where he led the design and development of hardware and software for a high precision neurobiology, decision-making experimentation platform. Later, at 3D Systems, Joey worked as part of an advanced team developing a range of physically modeled, surgical simulations for Intuitive’s DaVinci platform, now in active use by surgeons worldwide. He then headed software development at the Gateway Institute for Brain Research, creating a computational simulation platform for modeling disease in complex biological systems as part of research toward a cure for Parkinson's.

Joey holds a Masters of Science in Applied Physics from Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Bachelors of Science in Physics from Brandeis University, Massachusetts.