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EIS Summit sponsorship

EIS Council’s role in helping to host and lead multi-sector Black Sky planning is now broadly recognized throughout the United States and in a growing number of countries.  Our flagship programs represent unique opportunities for progress in this challenging effort, and we welcome organizations and individuals who may wish to sponsor our most important projects.

Historically, our annual Electric Infrastructure Security Summits have been sponsored by government agencies, corporations, foundations and individuals, and EIS Summit Sponsorships are being accepted again this year.  We expect to expand our sponsorship program soon to include other EIS Council initiatives, including EARTH EX.

We invite you to join us in making this year’s Electric Infrastructure Security Summit the best yet, by becoming a sponsor of this unique, international event.

Some of the world’s leading corporations and most effective government agencies are making steadily growing progress in preparing plans and making investments to address extreme, wide regional power outages.  As this progress expands, EIS Council’s unique role in hosting coordinated, all-sector, international planning is now increasingly seen as a critical and highly effective dimension of such planning, helping ensure developing plans are integrated across a growing number of sectors, and helping to fill gaps where new capabilities are needed, spanning many infrastructure, NGO and government sectors. 


Become an EIS Summit Sponsor

Each year, summit sponsorships are an essential part of what makes these summits unique, providing an opportunity for some of the most important decision makers in many corporate, government and NGO sectors to consult, together, on essential next steps in coordinated planning for Black Sky events.  

When authorized by the sponsor and by EIS Council, sponsoring organizations will be shown on our website sponsors list, updated quarterly, and be recognized on EIS Summit materials.  Delegates of sponsoring organizations who participate in the summit will not be required to pay a registration fee.