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The Fifth annual
Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise®
Why EarthEX?

Today’s lifeline infrastructures are interconnected and resourced on unprecedented scales, with supply chains spanning nations and, increasingly, the world. With this growing integration and global reach, they have brought us remarkable capabilities.

At a price.

Concerns have grown over the potential for severe malicious or natural “Black Sky” hazards associated with subcontinent scale, long duration power outages, with cascading failure of all our other globally resourced, interdependent infrastructures.

This creates a grim and difficult dilemma:

Restoration of any sector, and population sustainment during the emergency, will only be possible with carefully planned – and exercised – international, multisector and societal planning and cooperation.

To deal with this deadlock, building and exercising careful sector by sector and cross-sector resilience planning is crucial. With the diversity and the national and global scale of today’s infrastructures, this requires an unprecedented, multi-sector, national and international exercise series

An interactive all-sector whole-of-world exercise

Coordinated, Exercised Planning Key to Black Sky Recovery

Extreme Malicious Threats: For cyber, information sharing is critical to preventing or recovering from a large-scale infrastructure shutdown. Given today's interdependencies, focused protection and well-exercised multi-sector planning is key for an EMP strike or kinetic attack on critical infrastructure nodes.

Extreme Natural Hazards: Recovering from the physical damage caused by megathrust earthquake zones, extreme space weather and extreme terrestrial weather will require careful cross-sector planning and exercises, with Black Sky-compatible communication and decision support tools.