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The third annual
Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise®
Aug, 21, 2019

EMERGING, UNPRECEDENTED RISK In our hyperconnected world, any extreme regional disaster could quickly become a complex catastrophe.

EMERGING, UNPRECEDENTED COLLABORATION EARTH EX addresses this risk by hosting all nation, all sector resilience collaboration and training for complex catastrophes


Helping corporate and government teams, community leaders, individuals and families anywhere in the world build interconnected resilience planning to sustain our future.

NEW, EXPANDED EXERCISE OFFERINGS In addition to the Team Disaster Response Exercise on Aug. 21, two interim exercise opportunities will be offered to registered participants, beginning soon: - Critical Employees and Community Leaders - Individuals and Family Awareness

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"Working together to
secure our world"

EARTH EX III //19 is now live!
Available through 10.31.2019

Registro de ejercicio // הרשמה לתרגיל

A locally facilitated, “Come as you are” exercise.

For organizations, as an out-of-the-box senior level exercise, it provides an opportunity to examine and rehearse critical executive and operational decisions required before a full operational exercise.

For individuals, families and community groups, it will help with basic preparations, and with planning that can help secure and sustain participants during an extreme disaster.

An interactive all-sector whole-of-world exercise

Venue: Earth

Invited Participants:
All of Humankind
All Organizations
All Nations

Time: Compatible with All Time zones