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July 15 \\ 02:00 PM EDT
EARTH EX 2020 - Today's Cyber Threat - Cascading Consequences and an Active Threat Response

This EARTH EX 2020 training series webinar focuses on the current cyber threat all nations, organizations, and individuals face. Following a discussion of the current state of the danger areas, panel members will present concepts and techniques for consideration to increase organization resilience to ensure the survival or quick restoration of essential information technology elements that underpin and drive critical factors that support modern society.

July 22 \\ 02:00 PM EDT
Incident Management for Non-Emergency Managers and the Private Sector

This EARTH EX 2020 training series webinar is for people and organizations that would like to have a better understanding of the critical elements that work for planning and managing the response to an emergency or disaster. This webinar will focus on tried and proven techniques outlined in user-friendly language. This short webinar will lay the groundwork for understanding the phases of dealing with emergencies and will assist organizations in preparing for the EARTH EX 2020 exercise and real-world events.

July 23 \\ 02:00 PM EDT
Initial Facilitator Training Session

This EARTH EX 2020 training series webinar is for anyone serving as a facilitator for the EARTH EX 2020 exercise. During this session, panelists will present the exercise design and highlight critical facilitation techniques along with recommendations on how to engage exercise participants, how to set up the event to maximize the opportunity for learning and areas to focus on to improve organizational resilience. This session will be an excellent opportunity to refine exercise plans and gain insights into the events planned as part of the EARTH EX 2020 exercise.

July 29 \\ 02:00 PM EDT
Global Supply Chain Threats

This EARTH EX 2020 training series webinar is an awareness primer for anyone wanting a better understanding of the current global supply chain threats, their causes, and actions that can be planned or taken to increase operational resilience. Our global supply chains provide maximum efficiency but do not necessarily provide high resilience. Panelists will present ideas, concepts, and specific actions that most organizations can put into place.

August 12 \\ 02:00 PM EDT
Global Continuity Issues and Requirements

This EARTH EX 2020 training series webinar will address the significant issues that are driving the need for a comprehensive framework for reaching global continuity and resilience requirements. With the world becoming increasingly interconnected and supported by a meta-grid of networks and resource supply chains, the world requires effective leadership and commitment to solving critical issues. What interconnected areas are most ready for potential solutions and avenues for cross-sector continuity will be discussed and presented. Participants will have an opportunity to provide critical feedback in advance of the EARTH EX 2020 Phase 3 consensus-building session.

August 20 \\ 02:00 PM EDT
Final Facilitator Training Session "How to Play EARTH EX"

This webinar is the final EARTH EX 2020 training session for EARTH EX Facilitators. This session will present the new Battle Rhythm Manager interface, outline each Phase of the 2020 exercise, and explore the new Monte Carlo inject engine. Participants will leave with a full understanding of how to implement the EARTH EX 2020 exercise to maximize its potential for their organization. EARTH EX 2020 has three distinct phases, seven functional areas, and over 30 lanes of unique play, in addition to state-of-the-art videos to enhance the exercise experience. This session will provide the best opportunity to customize your experience.

August 25 \\ 12:00 AM EDT
Pre-EEX 2020 – World Status Webinar

This webinar is the final EARTH EX 2020 session before the release of the EARTH EX 2020 exercise. This webinar is a glimpse at the state of the world, setting the environment and conditions for the exercise. "We live in a highly complex, tightly interconnected world; What if......." This session begins to position exercise participants for the exercise environment. Humanmade threats and hazards capable of disrupting the meta-grid of systems and critical lifeline infrastructures capable of producing a major Black Sky event. Participants will learn why it is a personal and professional responsibility to strive to meet higher preparedness and resilience goals now, while we still have time.


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