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The EARTH EX® Black Sky Hazard Simulation Project

Facilitated tabletop exercises addressing Black Sky Hazards to critical infrastructures.

The EARTH EX®  Black Sky Hazard Simulation Project (the Black Sky Project) is a moderated exercise series – a facilitated environment to consider impact and recovery from severe Black Sky Hazards – addressing national power grids and other critical infrastructures.  The project exercises resilience and response recommendations from EPRO and other government and corporate planning initiatives, serving both as a “laboratory” –  validating, refining and supplementing recommendations; and as an educational tool – a resource to help utilities and their partners with communication, training and consensus building.
In an actual crisis scenario, utility and emergency agency managers who live through the crisis often document their takeaway “lessons-learned,” to guide improved resilience and response plans for future, similar crises. 
Black Sky Project exercises make possible a similar learning process, without living through an actual crisis.  These adaptable, multi-sector or sector-unique facilitated tabletop exercises are designed to develop “lessons-imagined” for resilience and emergency response strategies addressing Black Sky Hazard scenarios.  

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    Video Modules

    Video modules simulate and summarize key features of the disrupted environment and recovery operations, provided in multiple stages representing different periods in the post-event recovery process. 
    The exercise is divided into two segments, each with its supporting video module: 

    @Model.Title Module 1 : Simulates the impact and recovery efforts following a near-term event.

    @Model.Title Module 2 : Simulates an event taking place in the future, following extensive implementation of recommended protective measures.

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    Dynamic Moderation

    The exercise uses facilitated discussion, leveraging video materials to develop and evaluate sector-focused Black Sky protection strategies.