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is being expanded this year to include Sector Steering Committees, designed to host sector by sector development of Black Sky Playbooks, including three fundamental elements:

To define the resilience planning and investment, and restoration and response planning required for Black Sky Hazards, senior sector representatives are working to develop Black Sky Playbooks.  For each sector, these playbooks define three categories that guide the planning efforts of that sector, and define their Black Sky interfaces with other sectors.

(a) Black Sky Service Level: The service level that sector expects they will need to provide, for the >30 days without power that characterizes a Black Sky Hazard.

(b) Sector Internal Requirements:  Plans and best practices designed to make possible these service levels, given that the sector’s external requirements for support from other sectors are met.

(c) Sector External Requirements:  The sector’s requirements for support from other sectors, which will be essential, given the sector’s internal requirements, to make possible the sector’s Black Sky service levels. 


Review the Black Sky Playbooks now under development:

EIS Council is hosting Black Sky Hazard planning with an expanding number of government agencies, lifeline utilities, mass care NGOs and other organizations.  Most of these sectors have Black Sky Playbooks under development.  For the sector icons shown below, links to evolving drafts are included where currently available.  The list of active sectors and their Black Sky Playbook available are updated to stay current with sector progress.