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EPRO®  Resource Family

EPRO® Resource Family

Practical resources for Black Sky hazard resilience and restoration and response planning – Supporting initiatives by utilities and their government and NGO partners.


EPRO® Handbook

Cost-effective strategies and specific, implementable measures to enhance resilience to Black Sky hazards.  It also lays out specific recommendations for coordinated restoration and response operations by lifeline utilities and their partners.


Earth Ex® Black Sky Protection (BSP) Project

Exercising resilience and response recommendations from EPRO® and other initiatives.  The Earth Ex®  Black Sky Project serves both as a “laboratory” – validating, refining and supplementing recommendations; and as an educational tool –  a resource to help utilities and their partners with communication, training and consensus building.


EPRO® SECTOR Executive Committee

EPRO® SECTOR  Executive Committee:  Hosting collaborative, whole community planning to support resilience and restoration from Black Sky Hazards.  In a steering - committee framework, leading infrastructure owners, operators and their partners come together to discuss practical steps to implement and expand on Handbook recommendations, supplementing ongoing government, NGO and private sector grid.